Which secure portals to choose from Data room providers?

The viability of the organization depends on the effectiveness of the data protection system because information, in modern conditions, is the most valuable resource. Here is more about Data Room secure portals.

How reliable are Data Rooms?

For any organization, regardless of the type of activity, one of the most important areas of business interest is the protection of confidential information. To create an effective information protection system, a company needs to determine the degree of importance of various types of data, know where they are stored, how and by whom they are processed, and how they are destroyed at the end of the life cycle. Without this, it will be difficult to prevent leakage of confidential data and justify the financial costs of protecting information.

The information used in business and other activities is very diverse. All of it is of varying value to the organization and its disclosure can lead to threats to the economic security of varying severity. The fear of losing such assets is forcing companies to use other forms of protection systems. One of them is Virtual Data Room. Data Room is a secure platform for enabling a secure collaborative environment.

Information protection in Data Room systems is achieved by using appropriate means, which can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • differentiation of access to information;
  • protection of information during its transmission via communication channels;
  • protection against information leakage on various physical fields arising during the operation of technical means of computer systems;
  • protection against the effects of virus programs;
  • security of storage and transportation of information on media and its protection from copying.

The main purpose of such tools is to delimit access to local and network information resources of computer systems, which provide: identification and authentication of users, delimitation of access of registered users to information resources, registration of user actions, protection of operating system loading from flexible media, control of the integrity of information protection tools, and information resources.

What are the best secure portals among virtual-data-room.org?

Data rooms are used to protect the intellectual property of a company. This software is currently being used by different niches in that industry.

So, let`s analyze the most secure portals among best-known data room providers :

  • Encyro is a multipurpose service with features for file-sharing, e-signature collection, and email encryption. With this software, your businesses can safely share sensitive data without worrying about security issues and the protection of customer data.
  • Data rooms from iDGARD are characterized by the highest level of security. Its technology is certified in the highest protection class for clouds.
  • Imprima supports well-known companies, financial institutions, and consultants in various critical use cases such as M&A, raising capital, IPOs, real estate transactions, and portfolio management.
  • Intralinks offers you the most secure Data Room for your most confidential documents and information. The software protects your data in local and secure data centers and also offers the storage and processing of your information on-premise.
  • Intralinks is the most useful and secure platform for financial institutions providing business loans because Intralinks makes it easy to process finance for investments and ongoing operating expenses that are business-critical for many companies.

Besides, all common Data Room systems offer a free trial period. This option should be used to put the right Data Room provider through its paces and find out whether the right services are perfect for setting-up your own software needs.

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