Popular Ways Your Smartphone Can Be Hacked

Hackers never stand still and all the time while you do not suspect it are trying to come up with new ways to get your data through mobile devices. Sometimes you can be attacked by scammers without even knowing it, so people should take the security and protection of their gadgets more seriously. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular ways of hackers to hack your smartphone, so you know what to avoid.

Tracking and eavesdropping via SS7

Signaling System 7 (SS7) is a fairly old protocol that has been around for half a century, it connects most mobile networks around the world and equips all smartphone users with services like roaming and call forwarding. Not surprisingly, hackers figured out how to bypass this system a long time ago. Once a hack occurs, hackers have an open view of the location of any mobile, which also allows them to monitor and intercept all its incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

If you find yourself in this situation, there is not much you can do, because if you are of interest to the criminal, the only way out is to change your phone number. But you can completely prevent such an outcome at the root with end-to-end encryption applications like the mcm client app.

Eavesdropping on you via an IMSI trap

All the protocols that cell phones use are pretty “rusty” and don’t provide much security. The main drawback, which is a great opportunity for attackers, is that the device is always identified with a cell tower by its IMSI number, and it connects only to the tower with the strongest signal. For hackers it is not difficult to make the phone connect to a fake cell tower.

They can then have access to all your unencrypted files, and to avoid this, install IMSI-catcher applications on the phone, which will not allow you to be fooled.

Infection of your device with malware or spyware

This is one of the most popular types of hacks. There is too much of your data on your phone that can be used against you. The most common way to get a virus is by downloading apps from unverified sources, or by a scammer physically contacting your phone. The best solution to this threat is a lock screen password and the Google Play app, which is the most trusted app downloader.

Hijacking your messages over free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi in public places is a cluster of threats, because the owners of this network will be able to view your unencrypted data. Setting up a free Wi-Fi hotspot near some cafe or shopping mall is a great trap that will make the user connect and give the hackers all their data.

To avoid this, it is best not to connect to the wifi without a password and use a VPN so that it can encrypt your data on the Internet.

The use of phishing

Phishing sites are fake sites that steal your data as soon as you step on their doorstep and over time these sites mutate and improve their existence, so you have to choose only the best antivirus which can cope with such tricks.

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