How to Delete Your Information From People-Finder Sites

Personal data is valuable information that everyone wants to keep to themselves, but unfortunately, it does not always. With the advent of the Internet and social networks, our lives have forever lost peace of mind for their safety. Not infrequently, your name, address, phone number, and other information can be seen by anyone on data aggregator sites, or “people search sites”. Such sites are very convenient for criminals who are interested in you, which means that if your data is entered into such sites, it can become a security risk. In this article, we will tell you how to remove your data from people’s search sites.

Get ready to unregister your information

Before deleting the data already entered on various sites, it is worth stopping their entry there, otherwise, you will get a vicious circle. For your personal information to stop going to people search sites, you need to do the following:

  • Create or register a Gmail account for spam/recording – this is the email you will receive all the information you need to cancel your registration
  • Register for a phone number through Google Voice – this number will also be for unsubscribing purposes only, and there is no way to associate it with your phone number

This is all so that you can remove your information from aggregator sites without providing your real email and phone number.

Unregister from BeenVerified

To unregister from this site, go to the very end of the home page, where there will be a “don’t sell my personal information” link. You need to click on this link and enter your name and state on a new page. then you will be asked to enter your personal information, and this is when you will need your new email and phone number.

After that, you will be given your data centered on this site. You need to follow the instructions that the site provides to make a deletion request.  If everything is correct, the site will delete your data within 24 hours and your information will not appear on the site again.

Unregister for People search now

If you would like to delete your data from the peoplesearchnow site, you will need to send a written request to remove your personal information from the site. Send an email to Refuse / 1821 Q Street Sacramento, CA 95811.

Unregister from Truthfinder

Go to the site and also scroll down to the “don’t sell my personal information” link with the wheel. You will need to enter your name, state and city, then click “search”. This is how you will find an entry with your personal information, click on it and select the “delete this entry” option.

On the next tab, enter a fake email address, go through CAPTCHA and submit an email form confirming that this information is yours. After that, open the email in Gmail, click on the link, and list what you want to delete.  To delete your info the site might require at least 48 hours.

Unregister with PeopleFinders

As a classic, first follow the link “do not sell my personal information”, then find your profile and copy its link and enter it on the page with the opt-out instructions. After that, enter your burner mail and confirm that you are not a robot. A letter will be sent to your mail with a link to delete your profile. The deletion process on the site takes about a day.

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