Google Nest Cam 2021: Full Protection and Easy Operation

Ever since Google released its first line of proprietary security cameras, they’ve become one of the most popular on the market. This is not surprising, as they contain all the necessary features one could ask for. The new Google Nest Cam Outdoor has become a customer favorite, it has great image quality both day and night, app integration, and one of the most important features – face recognition. In this article we will do a detailed review on this model, so you can see for yourself, Google Nest Cam Outdoor is your perfect option.

How Google Nest Cam Outdoor works

As soon as you purchase the nest camera, you will find that it comes with a magnetic mount. With it, the camera can be attached to any surface, both inside and outside your home. It’s up to you whether you want to fix your camera with screws or if you want to mount it on a flat metal surface. Unlike other cameras, it does not need to be connected to a modem or router, it is connected to the outlet. 

Installing Google Nest Cam Outdoor

If the issue of the outlet is already solved, the installation of the camera is otherwise easy. Once you have chosen the place where the surveillance camera will be located, all you have to do is to attach the special plate with screws (all this comes with the kit). You can also find wall anchors in the kit, but you have to use your screwdriver or screwdriver.

After installing the plate, attach the magnetic base of the camera to it. The magnet built into the camera is very strong, so you do not have to worry that the camera could fall at the slightest jolt.

So, that was just the first step of the installation, the second one is a little bit more complicated. Now you need to attach the power cord to the camera and the power outlet, the interesting thing is that the cord is waterproof and the AC adapter is not. The best thing would be to drill an extra hole in the wall and put the cord through it.

When the camera is fully installed you just need to download the Nest app and create your account there.

User interface

The Google Nest app makes it easy to control your camera and set up alert notifications so you don’t have to be bothered several times a day with alerts about a bird flying by or a car passing by.

The features of the camera are also very satisfying, with many users remaining satisfied with its services.

The quality of the Nest Cam Outdoor camera supports 1080p expansion and 8x digital zoom. And although it has a pretty average expansion, with the zoom function the camera will be able to get a better look at the license plate of a suspicious car or facial features.

You should know that to maintain the clear quality of the camera it needs fast and powerful internet, if your internet does not meet the requirements of the camera you will have to reduce the extension of the camera.

The camera also has built-in two-way audio, so you can hear what’s going on in the video and even talk through the camcorder using the app. This feature can scare scammers.

The night vision of the camera is done with eight LED sensors, and they give you a great black and white picture at the dark time of day. 

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